American Festival for the Arts, 2007 Summer Music Conservatory and Concert Series


The following items are new announcements that date from after the publication of AFA's 2007 brochures.

Department Closures as of May 6, 2007

As of April 23, 2007, the following departments will no longer accept new applications, Existing applicants will still be heard at scheduled auditions.

Due to the volume of applications received, AFA can no longer accept applications in the following departments:

Flute (High School Orchestra/Chamber Music)
Oboe (High School Orchestra/Chamber Music)
Clarinet (High School Orchestra/Chamber Music)
Bassoon (High School Orchestra/Chamber Music)
Percussion (High School Orchestra/Chamber)
Cello (High School Orchestra/Chamber Music)

Alto Saxophone (Intensive Jazz Seminar)
Drums (Intensive Jazz Seminar)
Bass (Intensive Jazz Seminar)
Guitar (Intensive Jazz Seminar)

All MIDDLE SCHOOL instruments are now closed (violin, viola, cello bass)

COMPOSITION is also now closed.

AFA Announces Guest Choral Director

AFA is pleased to announce that Dan Perkins has joined the AFA Summer Music Conservatory Choral program as guest conductor for the 2007 season.

New Master Classes
Christina Jennings (flute)
Robert Atherholt, Houston Symphony (oboe)
Michael Webster, Houston Symphony (clarinet)
Nancy Goodearl, Houston Symphony (horn)
Mark Inouye, San Francisco Symphony (trumpet)
Michael Warny, University of Houston (trombone)
Rodica Weber, Houston Symphony (violin)
Jennifer Owen, Houston Symphony (violin)
Susan DuBois, Univ. of North Texas (viola)
Jeff Butler, Houston Symphony (cello)