American Festival for the Arts, 2007 Summer Music Conservatory and Concert Series

Admission & Scholarships


AFA is dedicated to ensuring that all qualified and motivated young musicians have the opportunity to share in the Conservatory experience. As a result, AFA’s Scholarship Enrichment Fund provides tuition assistance, based primarily on need, for those students and their families for whom the Conservatory tuition may not be affordable. Merit scholarships are also available for applicants who have demonstrated outstanding achievements in music (All-State or similar accomplishments.)

Students are accepted into the Conservatory through an audition and interview process. This process seeks not only technically proficient students but those with a strong desire to improve themselves regardless of background or experience. For information on audition requirements, click here.

Students are reviewed by the AFA Scholarship Committee after they have successfully completed a Conservatory audition and been accepted into their respective program. To apply for scholarship assistance, please fill out BOTH the Conservatory Application and the Scholarship Application In most cases, the Scholarship Committee will not require further information. However, in cases where the Committee has difficulty reaching a determination, students and/or their families may be asked to provide additional information including, but not limited to, family tax returns (form 1040) and/or verification of income.

Scholarship applications are reviewed each year for that year only. Returning students who wish to be considered for financial assistance must re-submit a new scholarship application each year.

For those students who need assistance with transportation to and from the Houston campus, AFA has partnered with METRO to help provide discounted bus fares for AFA students. Please contact AFA for more information regarding transportation assistance.

Because AFA Scholarship resources are limited, applicants are strongly encouraged to explore financial assistance from outside sources such as their school, school district, church or other organization.