American Festival for the Arts, 2007 Summer Music Conservatory and Concert Series

Information for Parents


This page has been provided to assist parents with auditioning and enrolling their children in the AFA Summer Music Conservatory. This page includes information on scholarships, campus security, AFA's code of conduct, enrollment procedures, transportation and volunteering to assist AFA.

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Limited partial and full need-based scholarships are available for all full-time Conservatory students at both the Houston and Beaumont campuses. Limited merit scholarships may also be available for qualified applicants. To apply, you must complete both the scholarship application and the standard Conservatory application that can be found on this website. Scholarship applications are reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis and only after a student has asuccessfully auditioned and been accepted to the Conservatory.

To complete the scholarship application, you will need the same demographic information you used to fill out the general conservatory application as well as information on your family income, family employment and your child's musical accomplishments and achievements. As appropriate, please be prepared to discuss any special circumstances that may warrant special attention by the scholarship committee.

Please note that scholarship decisions are made by the AFA Scholarship Committee on a regular basis from March through June. Please note that if the Scholarship Committee feels it cannot make a decision with the information provided, you may be contacted by a member of the AFA Executive Staff to provide additional information. Once determined, scholarship awards are mailed with your enrollment package. If you enroll for the conservatory in the 2-3 weeks prior to opening day, please contact AFA regarding scholarship awards.

If your family and/or financial situation changes drastically or if you wish to ask the scholarship committee to reconsider a scholarship award, please contact AFA at 713/522-9699.

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Security and Your Child
With 300+ students on the Houston campus and as many as 40+ students at the Beaumont campus during the AFA Summer Music Conservatory, the security of your child is of paramount importance to us. Please note that students are not permitted to leave campus at any time during the Conservatory day with the exception of lunch (by parental permission only).

In Houston, Episcopal High School maintains a security presence on campus throughout the summer and selected campus gates are kept closed to protect students and their vehicles. Please alert your son or daughter that, in the interest of their safety, they should cooperate with any AFA staff member, secruity personnel or Episcopal High School personnel (with proper ID) in matters of campus security.

At Austin Middle School in Beaumont, security personnel will be on campus at all times while AFA students are present. Students should be instructed to cooperate with all security personnel, AFA staff and/or Austin Middle School administrative personnel (with proper ID) in matters of campus security.

In the event there is any security concern, all steps will be taken to protect the safety of AFA students. Once secured, parents will immediately be notified by a member of the AFA Executive staff.

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AFA Code of Conduct
All AFA students and their parents are required to read and sign the AFA Code of Conduct that is mailed with your child's enrollment package. The Code of Conduct specifies that all students agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the Conservatory. This includes dsciplinary action for any verbal and/or physical harrassment of students, faculty or staff, involvement with any illegal activities or possession and/or use of any illicit substances. AFA maintains a strict zero tolerance policy regarding infractions of the Code of Conduct. If a student does not or can not act within the contraints of our policies, parents and/or guardians are called immediately and asked to come to campus for a meeting with the AFA administration. Serious infractions of the Code of Conduct may result in expulsion from the Conservatory.

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AFA auditions are held in two rounds: 1) March/April and 2) May. After your child auditions for the Conservatory, notification letters will be sent at the end of April and the middle of May. Early auditions are encouraged as AFA cannot guarantee space in all departments for late auditioners.

AFA will send enrollment packages to accepted conservatory students with notification letters as appropriate. Packages contain information and forms so that students can be processed by the first day of the festival. Included in your packet will be enrollment forms, tuition payment forms, scholarship awards (as appropriate) and code of conduct materials.

Parents and students will also have the option of signing forms that permit students to leave campus for lunch, enroll in electives and compete in the concerto competition as appropriate

All forms and payments are due back to AFA by May 31, 2007. If you cannot return the forms or make payment in time, please call AFA to discuss alternate arrangements or installment payments.

Students who have not completed and returned their enrollment forms with signatures will not be permitted on the AFA campuses.

If you lose your enrollment package, you may download a blank package on the downloads page. Contact AFA for a new tuition bill.

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One of the things that AFA believes makes the Summer Music Conservatory so special is the broad variety of students from school districts throughout the Southeast Texas area who attend the program. AFA recognizes that for many students, travelling to and from the Conservatory each day can pose transportation challenges. Where possible, AFA wants to help.

Your enrollment materials will contain questions about organizing car pools for the Summer Music Conservatory. In mid-May, AFA will send you information on other students in your zip code or in neighboring zip codes who are may be available to organize car pools. AFA will provide names and phone numbers so that you may make your own arrangements.

This list may also be downloaded from this site by clicking here.

If you do not receive car pool notification from AFA by mid-May, please call our offices at 713-522-9699 for assistance.

For students who wish to explore public transportation (e.g., METRO) options, please look for materials in your enrollment package. AFA has access to a limited number of free bus passes for students each summer and will make the available on a first-come, first-served basis.

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How Can I Help AFA?
Parents frequently ask AFA how they can help support the Summer Music Conservatory. Please click on the tab "Support AFA" for information on how you can support the program or volunteer to assist at conservatory events.

If you are interested, please contact Amanda Kepke Fisher at AFA to discuss how you can help.

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